Visim physics


Visim provides schools the physics measure video package


The Physics Measure Package contains over 130 tasks related to videos featuring a physical measurement event. The videos are designed so that the pupil is not just a passive viewer. The pupil will have to be an active measurer when watching the video. In the exercises it is not given any measurement results directly to the student. The student has to find out measurement results when watching the video itself. Various spreadsheets or graphical drawings can easily be used to process the measurement results. In designing solutions, we have tried to bring out the benefits of spreadsheet processing of physics measurement results.

Different versions of service have been made for pupils and teachers, with the difference that there are no solutions in the package for students. Video assignments are suitable for both secondary school and high school physics classes and are comprehensively found in different areas of physics: wave motion, heat, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and nuclear physics.

We have also created an English version of our service. The English-language material is suitable for example IB students, but also for normal physics studies, while supplementing the English vocabulary of physics. We encourage teachers to familiarize themselves with the English pages and to experiment with them in a physics class.

At the end of each solution, we have put in two reflection tasks:

  • What caused the error in the measurements?
  • How do you reduce errors in measurements?

The idea of reflection is to guide the student to think of the error that occurs in all the physics measurements. The purpose of the reflection tasks is to bring up the discussion about the physics test arrangement shown in the video and to inspire the students to perform the physics test arrangement themselves.