Visim physics

Evaluate and develop

The versatile help of videos in teaching is undeniable. These videos challenge the viewer to participate in the measurement and test their own skills. Video measurement tasks are suitable when the theory is applied in practice. Our service is not a substitute for the student’s own practical performance of the test arrangement or the experience of trial and error, but the videos guide the skills needed to utilize measuring instruments and read meters.

The material in our service is listed according to the general subject contents of physics teaching (thermodynamics, wave motion, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, nuclear physics) and the use of the service is safe. Videos can also be downloaded to your own computer during the contract period for a different fee. The material of the different subject areas covers the curriculum areas contained in different grade levels and educational institutions in terms of quantity and quality. We develop our service and produce more video and support material to support studying and learning in a unique way and at competitive prices, for Finland and the world.